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Know your Citrus Fruit:

Not only are Citrus fruit pretty and tasty, as we all know,they are good for us too. Packed full of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) it will help keep the common flu at bay and without vitamin C we will all get scurvy. The best way to eat a citrus…well just as Mother Nature packaged her for you. But we all know that we can use them in a multitude of dishes for flavour and nourishment. Stuff the cavity of a whole chicken with Lemons…use Seville Oranges to make marmalade and always make sure that you have oranges in the house for that freshly squeezed “yummyness” first thing in the morning. And no better way to start the morning with
orange juice because remember, Oranges are an acid and therefore a detoxifying fruit.

1. Uglis

This is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Juicy and pleasantly sharp.

2. Yellow Grapefruit

This is a juicy fruit and slightly on the tart side.

3. Pink Grapefruit

The pink-flesh grapefruits are sweeter than the yellow ones, but more expensive too.

4. Lemons

The yellower the skin of the lemon, the sweeter the flavour will be.

Remember there is more flesh and juice in a smooth-skinned lemon.

5. Tangerines

This is a loose-skinned fruit with very sweet and juicy flesh. The only thing I do not

like is that they are full of pips.

6. Kumquats

Although small this is a gorgeous little citrus. Use the firm, heavy kumquats, they are the best.

The light squashy ones are often very dry inside. Can be eaten raw or used in preserves.

7. Smooth-skinned Oranges

These oranges have only a little pith and maximum flesh.

They are a good buy for squeezing fruit juice.

8. Limes

The skin of limes pales as it ripens. These lovely green citrus has an excellent flavour.

Dark-green limes looks the prettiest and are best for decorations.

9.  Seville Oranges

This is the best orange to use when making marmalade. It is way too bitter to eat.

10. Pomelos

The pomelo is related to the grapefruit and the biggest citrus available.

They can sometimes be very dry inside.

11. Navel Oranges

These oranges are seedless and usually very sweet.

12. Large rough-skin Oranges

These oranges are very easy to peel. Try to choose the heavy ones as the light ones

tend to have mealy flesh with little juice.

13. Mandarins

This is the Chinese relative of the Japanese Satsuma.


These 13 I think, is the most well known Citrus fruit. As and when I get more

info on different and new citrus fruits, I  will update this post.

Photos by: Master isolated images, Suat
Eman and Kessudap.